Register a new WebRadio

Create a Webradio

Once you created an account and you're connected on the website, you may access the WebRadio Management Section.

On this page you'll see a button "Register a Webradio" that will redirect you to the WebRadio Creation Page.

There, you will have to enter a few information:

  • The title of the radio
  • The Unique Name. Think of this as a twitter handle. It will allow you to access your webradio website
  • The Stream URL must be served through HTTPS. Without HTTPS, it won't work.
  • Website URL of your webradio, if you have one
  • The logo of your radio
  • You can also select a few music genres

Submit those information to go to next step.

Select a Theme

Now you can choose one of the themes available on

By default you can choose any of the free themes. Some advanced themes are only accessible for the "pro" members of the community.

Once you've selected a theme, you can validate !

Theme Settings

If you head back to the Webradio Manager Section, you'll see that your Webradio is listed. Click on the "Settings" button on the right, and you'll access the Settings Section for this webradio.

Under the "Theme Settings" link, you'll be able to customize the theme of your webradio theme.

You can update the two main colors of the theme you selected. This will be applied instantly and you can see the result by simply going to your webradio website page.